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Domestic and cross border payroll

Perfect Pay Consultancy takes care of your national, cross border and international payroll.  Insourced as well as outsourced. Your payroll contents shadow payrolls, 30% ruling arrangements, split payroll constructions, A1 arrangements or any other special remunerational construction? No problem. We, at Perfect Pay Consultancy, have years of experience.

Global Payroll Management

With our Global Payroll Management solution we have the best thinkable solution for you. With our experienced and service minded in country partners (ICP's) from all over the globe, we take the burden of your hands while you can focus on your core business. 

Interim en Consultancy

Perfect Pay Consultancy is the right partner to manage and advise you in the improvement of your processes. Next to that, Perfect Pay Consultancy is also the right partner for filling your payroll related vacancy on a temporarely basis when we help you find the perfect candidate for the job.  

Interested ?

Feel free to contact us. We will be happy to visit you to inform you about our services. 

Who are we ?

About Marco

With 20 years of experience in international payroll and a sharp focus on the quick wins and your interest, Marco van Mil RPP has been a significant added value to several  companies. Marco started his career  at the finance department. After a few years he stepped over to payroll and almost immediately he started managing  the international and crossborder payrolls of companies like Navteq and Allseas Engineering. As consultant at accountancy firm BDO and consultancy firms SPQR and Salarisjobs, Marco crossed the border in to Belgium to manage the Belgian and Dutch payrolls of their cliënts. 

Companies like NN-Group, TESLA Motors, ROBECO, DHL, APMTerminals, GARCIA Jeans, DAMCO international, NIBC and Burger King are among the long list of cliënts successfully serviced by Marco

Marco is NIRPA certified as from 2008.  By keeping his Payroll related knowledge up-to-date at all times and thereby achieving the required PE (Permanent Education) points, quality of his work is guaranteed.

Since 2016, Marco is responsible for the quality increase and digitalisation process of the Payroll related professional trainings and courses at the Associatie voor Praktijkexamens. 


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